Indie 3D Video Game Tutorial

Welcome to my Indie Video Game Tutorial. My feeling is that instead of arguing about what should go into video games, people should just make games and let the market decide.


 What you Will Learn: Indie 3D Video Game Development

Specifically, you will learn the fundamental skills needed to develop and publish Indie 3D video games, which include: programming, modeling, and animation.  Note: this is not a AAA Game Development tutorial. It’s difficult if not impossible for an indie game developer to approach AAA studio quality–primarily because they hire specialists for level design, art, and programming to name a few.  But you can still be creative and develop entertaining games with the skills you learn in this tutorial.


Target Audience:  Total Beginner

My goal is to teach video game fundamentals to anyone who wants to learn how to make video games, although I think the word “anyone” in a practical sense means at least a middle-school education.  I hope to teach all the basics needed to self-develop your own indie video game. Thus, I’m assuming zero experience in programming, math, modeling, texturing, and animation.


Cost: $0, Please Just Credit “ProfessorF” Somewhere

These instructionals are based on the knowledge I gained in my research on designing virtual worlds. So, the only thing I ask in return — because I am a researcher that needs to keep track of the effects of knowledge dissemination — is that you somewhere credit ProfessorF in any of your games /apps / etc. publications. Creative Common BY [CC BY]

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