IBM Statistics Algorithms Link

by Nick V. Flor • March 7, 2016 • @ProfessorF

I needed to check the implementation of my Varimax Rotation, which is part of the Excel Big Data analysis package that I’m writing for my OILS Learning Analytics class. After much digging, I ran across this fantastic reference:

IBM Corp (2013). IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Documentation. Armonk, NY: IBM Corp.  Retrieved March 6, 2016 from

The Varimax Algorithm is on page 336 (page 396 in the PDF) along with Equimax and Quartimax.

Thank you IBM!



Markets: Post-Mar05 Primary

by Nick V. Flor • March 6, 2016 • @ProfessorF

The markets mark the end of Rubio—Kasich passes Rubio.

Four states held primaries on March 5: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maine. Trump won Kentucky and Louisiana, while Cruz took Kansas and Maine:


In response, the Prediction Markets drop Trump 4-points, raise Cruz 11-points, and drop Rubio 9-pts, and raise Kasich 3-pts, which allows him to take the lead over Rubio:


It appears the market is predicting that Kasich is the new establishment candidate, and I believe he could mount a serious challenge to both Trump and Cruz.



Prediction Markets Post-Mar03 GOP Debate

by Nick V. Flor • March 4, 2016 • @ProfessorF

It looks like the attacks by the GOP Establishment prior to the March 03 GOP Debates had an effect on Trump’s market score. He dropped from 81% to 71% since my last report on March 2 (post Super-Tuesday).


However, the post-debate graph is flat, suggesting Trump’s performance did not hurt him.  One interesting development is the introduction of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the market as possible GOP candidates.

Super Tuesday Results & Market Response

by Nick V. Flor • March 2, 2016 • @ProfessorF

Super Tuesday is finally over, and the results have been tallied. In my opinion the New York Times had the most efficient infographic of these results:


How has the market responded?


We see a slight down-tick for Trump and a slight up-tick for Rubio.

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